In our office we primarily use a form of gentle chiropractic care, called Network Spinal Analysis. Network was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein in 1983. Network uses a series of light touches contacts along the spine to assist the nervous system in re-establishing the communication of proper nerve signals between the brain and the body. This promotes the body-mind in releasing blockages and creating a higher level of function. 

We offer three levels of care, Level 1 or Relief Care, is designed to help your spine and body unwind the surface layers of tension so you move better, stand taller and feel more ease inside. Level 2 also known as corrective care, helps us get to the root of the problem. It builds on Level 1 and helps the nervous system to re-pattern and release the more chronic, underlying areas of tension and dis-ease to create a more long-lasting change.  Level 3 is Wellness/Maintenence Care, which progressively bring practice members to a greater and greater levels of alignment and connectedness, while optimizing overall body function. 

Network does not attempt to manually, or by instrument, manipulate spinal fixations structurally (often associated with a snapping or popping sound). Instead, by working with specific regions of the spine, Network targets certain brain centers to produce a global unwinding effect while teaching the body to learn new responses that allow it in developing new internal strategies for healing, adapting to stress, and enhancing overall well-being. Because this form of chiropractic is so gentle and safe, it is an effective form of chiropractic care that can be regularly used by anyone...from newborns, to seniors.


*REPORTED BENEFITS of Network Chiropractic:

Less pain, tightness, stiffness and blocked regions in the head, neck, back and whole body
Improvement in nausea, dizziness, headaches, skin rashes, menstrual discomfort
Easier, more open and full breathing rhythm
Enhanced immune system function: less colds, flus and allergies                                                                                                   Less moodiness, temper and depression                                                                                                                                     Greater focus/concentration and improved ability to respond to stress in work, family and life
Experience greater overall sense of well-being and inner peace

* Based on findings from UC Irvine Schools of Neurobiology and Sociology Research 1994-1995.